Dual Diagnosis Intervention in California

Dual Diagnosis Intervention in California

dual diagnosis intervention in californiaAt Intervention Services, we know that addiction to drugs and alcohol makes life hard for everyone involved. We offer a variety of services including a dual diagnosis intervention. Many difficulties arise when someone you love is abusing substances in a dangerous way. A hard fact is, once this person makes the decision to get sober, life does not get better immediately. Many times, simply treating addiction is not the best way to keep someone sober.

In some cases, substance abuse is merely a symptom of some other mental illness. However, as abuse intensifies and turns toward addiction, the status changes from symptom to disease. If this person needs immediate help to put them on the right path, we can assist with a professionally-guided intervention.  A dual diagnosis intervention is designed for people with more than one medical diagnosis (e.g. Addiction and another illness). We see stronger results in mental health as well as more consistent sobriety when the illnesses are treated side-by-side.  If you or someone you know are suffering from this disorder it may be in your best interest to seek out a dual diagnosis intervention in California.

Time for an Intervention?

Interventions are used to put an immediate stop to destructive behavior. We see many examples of such behavior when someone’s addiction or mental illness becomes unmanageable through regular means. A typical dual diagnosis intervention would involve a group of family and friends coming together under the direction of a medical professional to address their concerns to the sick person. It is usually an emotional and factual appeal for this person to get help. But how do we know when someone is at that point? Below are a few warning signs that may signal the need for intervention:

  • Does this person use drugs habitually?
  • Do they try to minimize how much they use?
  • Do they lie or steal in order to get their fix?
  • Has drug use impacted their family life or employment?
  • Has this person been diagnosed with a mental illness?
  • Have they stopped taking prescribed medications?
  • Do they ever take more than prescribed?
  • Have they tried to quit in the past, only to pick up again?
  • Has there been a negative change in behavior, attitude, or personality?
  • Do you think drugs or mental health are becoming a serious issue?

Why Dual Diagnosis?

If someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol and has ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder, then a dual diagnosis intervention may be the answer. A USA National Survey on Drug Use and Health has found that nearly 8 million Americans have concurring disorders. Since around 10% of Americans have an undiagnosed disorder, that number is actually much higher. Also, due to the fact that California has higher levels of abuse than most states, it is especially important here. Drug use and mental illnesses seem to go hand-in-hand. These issues should be addressed together in order to provide the most holistic interventions and treatment.

How We Can Help

A dual diagnosis intervention in California is available for anyone. Due to the nature of addiction and mental illness, the intervention process must be very delicately handled. Our trained staff of professionals is here to give you advice, as well as to help with the actual intervention. Contact us to discuss specific problems and develop a timeline for treatment and recovery. Sometimes it takes a group of loving and understanding people to show an addict that they need to change. No one can do this alone.

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