Synthetic Drug Intervention in California

Synthetic Drug Intervention in California

miscellaneous drug interventionsK2, spice or bath salt interventions are now addressing the increased number of synthetic drug cases in California. Parents need to know what to look for if they suspect something is wrong but may not be able to figure out what.

Synthetic Drug Intervention in California: Identification and Effects

K2 and spice are synthetic cannabinoids ( usually sold at “head shops,” and the effect is similar to that of marijuana. Cathinones are another class of synthetic substance sold as bath salts or jewelry cleaner, and these also have similar harmful effects as the cannabinoids.

Some of the symptoms of using these types of drugs include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, tremors and seizures. However, after prolonged use, the symptoms could even get worse.  Teens using these drugs could hallucinate, have delusions and even have suicidal tendencies, and can even become violent. If a teen is not acting normally, a parent should check if their pupils are dilate and should seek a bath salt, K2 or spice intervention as soon as possible.

What to Expect During Synthetic Drug Interventions

Of course, change is hard and no one wants to do the work required to make that change. Persons on the receiving end of any kind of drug intervention might even become upset anyone meddled in their lives.

However, when persons addicted to drugs realize how their actions are hurting themselves as well as others, they will begin the healing journey. Not all interventions are successful, but the ones that are leave people feeling appreciative of the ones who have cared. Hope, health, happiness and peace is available for anyone who wants the help.

However, it will not be easy at first. Trying to help someone recovery from dependence on controlled substances takes careful planning. The intervention has to occur at the right time, and it has to take place in a fashion that will not harm the person on drugs or the persons doing the intervening.

Safety is the main reason why it’s so important to include a professional who has been trained to handle all kinds of drug-induced scenarios. When proper protocol is used, this also increases chance of treatment success.

Other Drug Interventions: Huffing

K2, spice or bath salt interventions help correct serious issues that the addicted person couldn’t deal with alone. The same is true of huffing interventions, which seems to be the drug of choice among 12 and 13 year-olds who probably don’t have access to more expensive ways to get high. Huffing is a very dangerous action. The gasoline, paint or glue inhaled from a balloon or plastic bag or sniffed from a vapor-soaked rage can give the user the rush they’re looking for.

However, it also has cause serious consequences. The most serious problems from huffing include loss of hearing or smell, heart problems, permanent brain damage and even death. Some people have even choked on their own vomit while inhaling. If you or someone you care about are struggling with an addiction it may be best to seek out a synthetic drug intervention in California.

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