Prescription Pill Intervention in California

Prescription Pill Intervention in California

Prescription pill intervention in californiaWith invisible lines of conflict being drawn between pharmaceutical companies, desperate families, and physicians, it only takes a glance at the latest news bulletins out of California to see the scale of the problem. The faces of celebrities make the whole issue of addictive painkillers current news, but it’s the everyday man and woman that’s facing a wall of hopelessness, forced to hurl words of abuse at every physician and medical professional they can get their hands on in their efforts to get a new prescription. ┬áIf you or someone you care about are abusing prescription pills it may be best to seek out a prescription pill intervention in California.

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Perhaps the prescription pill issue has become more noticeable. It’s hard to say for sure. News services are always eager to report any weakness seen in the facade of Hollywood superstars, and doctors have been accused of being quick to offer the catch-all option of prescribed pills. The state of California does receive a more than average mention when substance abuse renders a loved one so helpless that he or she needs prescription pill intervention to make them aware of the seriousness of the problem.

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Powerful painkillers such as Vicodin and Oxycodone are now forever part of street culture, prescription pills dealt in colleges and schools and casually renamed as Vikes, Percs and Oxy. At parties, there are plates offering a cocktail of candy colored prescription pills capable of killing pain, creating a high or a low and states of euphoria. The names are as colorful as the pills, and we need to be aware of them when planning prescription pill intervention. For depressants they’re downers and tranks. Conversely, stimulants are named speed and uppers, but this is only the smallest collection of a dazzling array of prescription pills being swapped on campuses and street corners.

Prescription pill intervention won’t work unless the family member or close friend realizes the seriousness of the problem, faces the reality of their addiction. Eleven people die every day from drug abuse. Over 6.2 kilograms of prescription painkillers are now being prescribed for every 10,000 people living, and 10 out of 100,000 are overdosing on prescription pills every year. Of course, the worst part of any of these figures is the growth. Prescription drug overdose rates have more than tripled since 1990 (The CDC) and prescription pill intervention have increased to fight these worrying numbers.

Prescription Pill Intervention in California

How the problem has gotten quite so severe is likely down to organization just as much as to careless doctors over prescribing. An adult family member or teen can certainly end up addicted and abusing painkillers due to a legitimate injury, but creative criminals and dealers also have their ways, sending fake patients to multiple doctors with claims of fake pain, gradually building a huge collection of dangerous pills to be sold.
However a precious friend or partner, a careless teen, has come to this point, they need help. They need prescription pill intervention, especially If they’re constantly drowsy, slurring speech or even over-stimulated. Get them help and support them on their difficult road to recovery.

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