Cocaine Intervention in California

Cocaine Intervention in California

cocaine intervention in california

Less than 20 percent of people in Los Angeles were admitted for a cocaine intervention in California. Other cities such as San Diego also experience less usage and/or admittance into a rehab than for people who do stimulants, marijuana or heroin (, a significant percentage of people still depend on this drug. However, we don’t think it matters how many people are doing it. Sometimes people’s loved ones are the ones who are, and that’s all that matters.After all, it’s the people close to us that seem to affect our lives the most. So what do we do?



The Purpose of a Cocaine Intervention

A cocaine intervention helps persons close to us seek a way out. We believe everyone wants help deep down inside. However, at some point in life they become so used to using that they don’t envision life any other way.

Besides the ones in a relationship with the person addicted to cocaine somehow get dependent on that person still using this drug. It may not make sense in theory, but this often is the reality. However, this complex dynamic of relationships cannot be explored overnight.

The first step for people who love a drug addict is to accept the fact that they probably cannot get help even if they want to. That is, unless they experience professional confrontation from someone trained to deal with drug and alcohol abuse, they probably won’t change.

Expected Results of Treatment

According to the University of California, recovery from drugs and alcohol is hard. However, with the right support, chance of success becomes more possible.   About 40 to 60 percent of people on average who go to rehab end up free from drug abuse after about 90 days of treatment. However, they often need aftercare and ongoing accountability to prevent relapse. In any case a Cocaine intervention is often the first step toward transformation.

Why do People Use Cocaine?

Of course, people who’ve never tried cocaine may not understand why anyone would want to do this drug in the first place. Usually, it’s because they want to feel less shy and they want to find some kind of motivation within themselves to accomplish more than they ever did before.  However, the main problem with this is their health often deteriorates. Heart problems usually hit them because the high they get while snorting or smoking causes high blood pressure. They also get bloody noses and become very irritable and moody when coming down from the high.

Why Stop Using Cocaine?

The short-term euphoria experienced while using doesn’t last very long-usually 15 minutes max per average dose. A person may have to snort or smoke several lines or hits throughout the night to even maintain the high, but when mixed with alcohol this drug becomes very dangerous and even fatal.

We recommend people seek a cocaine intervention in California if they know someone uses this dangerous drug. It could make all the difference in a life. 

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