Drug Intervention in California

Drug Intervention in CaliforniaIt is approximated that three million people abuse drugs in the state of California alone. Additionally it is drug abuse that tops the list of causes of premature death in the same state.  In a recent study it was found that 9.07 percent of individuals residing in the state of California report to using one or more illegal drugs in the past month (compared with the national average of 8.02 percent, The CDC).  For families who find their loved one as a part of this staggering statistic is extremely difficult to figure out how to best help. Fortunately there are resources available and ready for families in need of drug intervention.



What are the most abused drugs?

According to a California Drug Control Update, which evaluates drug interventions, the five most commonly abused drugs are stimulant drugs, marijuana, heroin, cocaine and a class referred to as “other opiates”. (whitehouse.gov)


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