San Jose Interventionist

San Jose Interventionist

San Jose InterventionSan Jose, California is a culturally diverse city with tons of landmarks and activities to look forward to. But with this diversity also thrives the use and abuse of different types of substances including drugs and alcohol that is easily accessed in the streets. With such a litany of drug suppliers roaming the city, it becomes much easier for these drugs to reach your home and destroy your family slowly and painfully.

Whether it be marijuana, cocaine, LSD, or any other form of drug that’s popular nowadays, the potential hazards of these substances are terrifying and should be prevented at all times. If a family member or friend is showing signs of drug use, seeking immediate treatment is imperative to avert the life-threatening symptoms. Furthermore, the longer and more intense a drug is used, the more dependent a person becomes to the drug. This being said, it becomes difficult and sometimes even impossible to get treatment for the person.

We at California Intervention Services can help you overcome this initial phase of treatment through our safe and effective intervention programs. Together, we can eliminate drug dependence and achieve permanent drug withdrawal without any risk of relapse. But first, let’s define what an intervention is as oftentimes people do not know it or has other ideas on how a San Jose intervention is done.

What is an Intervention?

San Jose intervention is not actually the cure but rather the first step in the entire rehabilitation process. Thus, an intervention is the most important part since further help cannot be sought after if the person does not successfully go through it. A drug or alcohol San Jose intervention is an intense process where we educate and engage the dynamics within a group, either a family or group of friends. It usually lasts two to three days depending on the severity of the condition.

The Objectives of an Intervention

Interventions aim to modify the dynamics of how a group approaches and perceives the problem. The person who is in need of treatment is involved in the intervention and is able to listen to what his/her family members or friends have to say about it. A professional will be overseeing the intervention to make sure it doesn’t go off topic and to maintain order.

Another goal of a San Jose intervention is to convince the person to seek treatment without forcing him/her or feeding him/her with wrong and misleading information. An intervention specialist will be further explaining this complex structured process and how it can help not only the drug or alcohol user but also the people close to him/her.

Contact our customer support today to get started with planning a San Jose intervention for your loved one! The earlier the problem is diagnosed and treated, the faster the person can recover and carry on with his/her normal lifestyle.

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