Los Angeles Interventionist

Los Angeles Interventionist

Los Angeles InterventionWe know how emotionally draining it can be trying to seek a suitable Los Angeles Interventionist for a loved one. As a concerned parent, sibling, relative or significant other, we can offer solutions to stop the vicious cycle caused by drug or alcohol abuse when all other options fail.

It is essential for family members to not take on an intervention plan of action alone. As an experienced Los Angeles Intervention service provider, we are willing and able to customize an intervention plan toward their needs and specific goals. Although we are an authority on the subject of intervention, we are readily flexible with our services.


We’ve Been There

Usually, the addict will be in complete denial and unwilling to get help on their own. Out of frustration, many family members and mates spend countless hours looking for quick fix intervention solutions because they can no longer handle the financial and emotional burden that comes from trying to enable an addict. No matter who makes the call to us for help, they can rest assure that they will reach someone who has been in the addict’s shoes and will be a good listener.

Beyond Statistics

When family members allow us to guide them through the entire intervention process, they can make a more informed decision about which intervention solution is ideal for their loved one. The main focus of our Los Angeles Intervention services is to work closely with family members and mates over time by treating the addict as the person they are underneath and not just another statistic. As a team, we can convey exactly what needs to be done to help an addict get better with dignity, privacy and respect and gladly welcome a family’s feedback along the way.

One of the most important things that people need to know when seeking intervention services is that intervention can come in many different models based on the abuser’s needs and may involve one of the three main intervention approaches: recovery intervention that requires that the recovering addict make a lifelong commitment (participating in support groups,etc.)to stay sober; crisis intervention which only addresses the immediate unhealthy behaviors of a loved one; and closure intervention that allows the family to resolve their responsibility of an addict once they have explored all possible solutions to move on emotionally.

There are so many things that can effect a family unit due to to an abuser’s destructive lifestyle. It is very common for family members to feel helpless, trapped, even apathetic towards the addict after coping with their drama for many months or years. Although every family is different, the deciding factor to making an intervention successful is for each person to stick with the specified model of intervention individually and as a team.

We want to be the last resort before a family gives up to make the intervention journey a much easier one.

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