Fresno Interventionist

Fresno Interventionist

Fresno InterventionA Fresno interventionist can help California residents overcome alcohol and drug abuse. However, not many people may understand why calling upon a trained substance abuse interventionist is necessary.

Why a Professional Interventionist?

We encourage professional interventions because they provide a fresh perspective when one is needed. Besides, it seems that no amount of life circumstances (i.e. cancer or job loss) and ultimatums will make a difference unless the individual needing help reaches “rock bottom.”

Not only that, but the people involved with the alcoholic are often just too hurt, worn out and tired of excuses. They want to believe a person will change, but start to doubt the alcohol- or drug-dependent person after repeated let-downs.  For instance, people who drink too much might end up in compromising positions where they could have an affair. This, as well as not coming home at night or losing one job after other causes friends, lovers and family to doubt the addicted individual. Will they ever recover?

Does an Intervention Really Help?

Sometimes even after addicted persons loses custody of their children, no longer have a job, and just got evicted, they still don’t change. They might even take a drink, pop a pill or shoot up heroin after finding out they have a liver disease or heart problems.  Likewise, a person could even end up in a driving accident or end up in jail. Yet, they still continue to consume alcohol and drugs to excess when given a chance.

So what good does a Fresno Intervention do for people who seem to be beyond hope? Well, the interventionist knows how to encourage an individual to seek help without judgment. However, we don’t mean to say family, friends, co-workers and acquainted intend to judge.  Instead, we’re referring more to the way people become so used to the way an alcoholic or drug user behaves. Families expect the addict to “messed up”, but we know a Fresno intervention can help people overcome addictions for good.

Expected Results

The success rate of recovery from alcohol, meth, cocaine, marijuana, bath salts heroine and other substances varies. However, it seems to be the consensus that receiving a Fresno intervention increases chance recovery will work.  The overall addiction success rate for the United States is between 40 to 60 percent ( Additionally, University of California Los Angeles 2009 Ph.D. student Adi Jaffe said success rates increase with duration of treatment. He suggested at this time a minimum of 90 days – not 30 – can help a person (

However, Jaffe also mentioned how difficult recovery is, but using the necessary tools for overcoming addition increases treatment success. He also indicates that the longer a person waits to receive help the more difficult becoming free of substance abuse can be.  Yet, he himself is a recovered drug addict. A professional Fresno intervention can really make a difference. It could be the most important milestone in a recovering drug and alcohol addict’s life.

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