Alcoholic Intervention in California

Alcoholic Intervention in California

Alcoholic Interventions in CaliforniaThe cold numbers of addiction don’t lie, although they do sometimes desensitize us to just how devastating the issue is to the families and partners of alcoholics. People’s lives are destroyed by alcohol dependency, their relationships left in ruins. Careers are ended and futures curtailed. The nature of heavy drinking isn’t always obvious, isn’t always as simple as picking someone of the floor as he or she lays there surrounded by empty bottles. The disillusioned individual is capable of creating excuses and routines to circumvent the possibility that drink is the problem, and they succeed unless we’re willing to escalate our solutions, using an alcoholic intervention in California to wake them.

The Patterns of an Alcoholic

A binge drinker can hardly deny there’s a problem, although staggeringly, they do just that. Becoming the very definition of an individual in need of alcoholic interventions, whether in some relaxed beach community or the heart of a major city. Functioning alcoholics defy the typical stereotype of a drunk, controlling slurring of speech, covering up for blackouts with prepared excuses. The routines of an alcoholic are cunning, convincing loved ones, even themselves that there’s no problem, just healthy consumption of a few glasses of wine. Separately, it seems we’re powerless, but together we can use the confrontational power of alcoholic interventions to show the deep urgency we feel.

California alcohol dependency far surpasses illicit substances consumption, simply because anyone over the age of 21 has access to alcohol in the form of wines, beers and spirits sold in stores and served at parties. In short, it’s easy to find and purchase alcohol on any street where a licensed store sells alcoholic beverages, in any home where alcohol is served as a social lubricant to relax at the end of the day or to enhance a party atmosphere. Alcoholic interventions face an uphill struggle to prevent loved ones descending back into an alcoholic haze when the substance is so readily available.

The Toll of Alcoholism

Individuals intent on preparing alcoholic interventions can arm themselves by reading the following disturbing and saddening statistics. At least 1768 people died in car crashes due to alcohol impairment. In 34.7 percent of the fatal road accidents, the drivers crashed into fixed objects, likely losing control of the vehicle and leaving the road. ( These figures are for 2010 and are trending upward, law enforcement agencies working day and night to pull over drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. We focus on driving in this instance because California and driving are inextricably linked, many alcoholics falsely believing they can safely drive. This is the purpose of an alcoholic intervention in California, pointing out what the alcoholic won’t see, confronting an alcoholic with their heavily impaired judgment before they reach the point where they can harm other drivers or folk crossing a street.

Plan and organize for alcoholic interventions, facing the alcoholic with tough love and uncompromising truths of the dark road they’re headed down, guiding them to counselling.

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