Alcohol Interventionist in California

Alcohol Interventionist in California

alcohol interventionist in californiaAlcohol abuse and dependency is a serious problem. Not only does it affect the individual and their friends and family, but it also impacts society as a whole. Alcohol abuse is a major factor in deadly auto accidents, and up to 1/3 of all violent crimes in the state. Studies show that the disease of alcoholism costs the state approximately $32 billion per year. ( On a personal level, it causes serious health problems, and has been known to destroy relationships. We know how families and friendships can be torn apart by alcohol abuse. Sometimes, a qualified alcohol interventionist is required to set the afflicted person on the path to recovery.  Intervention Services Inc may be able to provide the help you need with an alcohol interventionist in California.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a type of service where friends and family get together with a medical professional in order to voice their concerns about a person’s destructive behavior. It is often an emotional and factual appeal which is designed to make the person realize that they need help. This is a delicate process. In most cases, a qualified alcohol interventionist is necessary for success. Usually several treatment options are presented, and there is a discussion about which will be the most effective. The goal of an intervention is to help someone with an alcohol problem to make the decision to seek help. We can’t force anyone to do anything. Change must start as a choice.

Alcohol Interventionist

The role of an alcohol interventionist is to act as a mediator and guide throughout the intervention process. Contact us immediately to see how we can join together and make sure your loved one gets the right kind of assistance. We will work with you to identify specific needs and concerns, which will help develop a plan for success. Every intervention is unique, and certain people will require different approaches. This is not something we can just jump into. It takes careful planning for an intervention to be successful. This is where we can help. No one can do this alone, and having a trained interventionist available can benefit the situation by offering the proper techniques and implementation.

Don’t Wait Until Rock-Bottom!

Alcoholism is a progressive disorder, which means that over any period of time, the disease can only get worse. It never magically gets better. Consequences of abuse and dependency will begin to grow until something is done about it. This could mean jail, homelessness, hospital visits, and ultimately death. We don’t need to wait until someone hits “rock bottom” before offering our assistance. Call us immediately for a consultation, and together we can begin working on a plan for recovery. We can set you up with an understanding and compassionate alcohol interventionist who can provide the support to get your loved one back on track.  If you or someone that you love are struggling with an alcohol addiction it may be best to seek out an alcohol interventionist in California.

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