Alcohol Abuse Intervention in California

Alcohol Abuse Interventions in CaliforniaIf you have a loved one who has a problem with drinking they can benefit from alcohol abuse interventions or anywhere else in the world. Once the decision is made to do an intervention, contacting an intervention specialist is the very first step that should be taken. We will answer all of the questions, schedule initial appointments, meet with family and friends that will be involved in the intervention. This is an extremely emotional time. We are here to help with the details to ensure recovery.  If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol abuse it may be best to seek out an alcohol abuse intervention in California.

How We Can Help

  • The first step is to make that call. Speak with a person who has had experience with alcohol abuse interventions. We will guide you through the steps that are proven to make and intervention successful. We will take care of the details. It is not advisable to take on an intervention without professional help. Many studies show that interventions that are done without a professional are not successful.
  • We will send a professional interventionist who has helped with many alcohol abuse interventions. From there we will meet with those who will gather to support and participate in the intervention. Our interventionist will guide the intervention using techniques that are proven to convince the addict that they need help.
  • After the intervention, we will enroll the alcoholic in a treatment center where he or she will spend time detoxing and recovering from their alcohol addiction. We take care of transportation and admittance into the facility. During the addicts time at the treatment center, he or she will have limited contact with family and friends. The centers chosen are not close to the addicts home.


Don’t Let Them Hit Bottom

Keep in mind most addicts have to really hit rock bottom before they can see that they truly do not have control over their addictions. Hitting bottom can come in the form of getting a DUI, having a serious accident, or even a spouse and children leaving them all alone. Once they have gotten to this point, they will very likely be ready to get the help they need in order to keep from losing family and friends. Alcohol abuse interventions, when the correct steps take place, will guide the addict to recovery and back to a happy, normal life.

Alcohol abuse intervention in California are just the beginning of the healing process for the alcoholic and their family and friends. There is a long road to recovering from alcoholism. The addiction often fractures relationships beyond repair. The best way to help them through is to be emotionally strong and help them keep focused on the desired outcome: Recovering from alcoholism to live a happy and productive life. There is a solution. We can help.

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