Alcohol Intervention in California

Alcohol Intervention in CaliforniaA professional alcohol intervention can help the addict recover when they can’t do it on their own. We encourage California families to consider this option before relationships, careers and reputations are destroyed.

We also don’t want people to lose their lives because of alcohol. In 2011, two drunk driving deaths for every 100,000 people have occurred, which equals a total of 774 deaths ( in the Golden State. Seeking licensed interventionists can reduce the numbers of victim fatalities and hospitalizations that occur each year from alcohol abuse.

However, we also want to reduce the negative health effects of drinking too much alcohol ( Consuming too much of this legal drug of choice causes liver disease, digestive cancers, high blood pressure and decreased fertility. It also aggravates mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar and leads to more severe domestic violence incidences and increased promiscuous behavior.

Moreover, 4,000 California newborns have experienced birth defects because of alcohol in recent years. Alcohol abuse has to stop, but sometimes it requires help from someone not too close to the situation. One reason why is because people are often too emotionally dependent on the person who drinks, even if that emotional connection is not healthy.

Furthermore, personal and workplace relationships are often far too complex. It’s hard for people who know one another to remain objective. We encourage an alcohol intervention because it provides the unbiased support people need to break the cycle of addiction. Otherwise, nothing will change unless something very severe happens to the person dependent on this drug of choice. Even then, the odds of recovery are slim without the right kind of help.

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