California Interventionist

California Interventionist

How can an Interventionist help me?

A professional California Interventionist can be beneficial in many ways due to their various kinds of training and skill development techniques.  The interventionist is designed to handle any kind of situation from the addicts denial phase all the way to the acceptance phase.  They will incorporate the entire family if necessary in the intervention in order to emotionally entice the addicted loved one. An interventionist has the training and knowledge to control a situation that is getting out of hand or has already gotten out of hand.  But, the best thing about an interventionist is that they are there to help your loved one and your family when you need it most.

Take the First Step

By calling in and speaking to one of our counselors you will receive an abundance of information to help you or your loved one take that first step towards recovery. The first step towards recovery is receiving an intervention from a highly trained and certified professional to help get the addict and his or her family back on their feet.  Sometimes we can’t get everything done all by ourselves, we need some support.  Often times, a professional Interventionist is the most helpful person you could seek out if you are having trouble starting the recovery/treatment process.  The intervention is just a two day minimum process that will really put you and your loved one’s life into a positive but serious perspective.


Credentials/Perks of a California Interventionist

  • incorporated, Insured, Registered and/or licensed or certified
  • Focuses on either Johnson Model, Invitational, Systemic or S.M.A.R.T. Model  based interventions with a goal beyond merely “getting someone to agree to rehab”
  • Has ability to provide ongoing services including and beyond interventions at all times.  Case Management, Drug Monitoring, Sober Coaching, Family Reintegration, and Treatment Referral
  • Has professional materials, handbooks and literature for family members demonstrating standard practices
  • Can provide at least 10 references from state licensed treatment centers
  • Has 24 hour availability even after the intervention as a “just in case”
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